Tuesday, 7 July 2009

UfO Sighted Above East Herts Village

I never set out to be a blogger. I take time thinking about the things I want to write about and I mull ideas over waiting for an idea to seed. Once I’ve decided, I don’t like launching opinions without first applying a protective coating of footnotes and qualifiers. I also write very slowly…

Luckily though my mum put me onto this when I met her last week. Apparently a UFO was recently spotted over a local Hertfordshire village (tenuous link I know but this is where I will soon be working)

UfO Sighted Above East Herts Village

MYSTERIOUS lights have been seen above East Herts again, when an "orange object" was sighted above Standon.

A couple were driving from Standon towards Puckeridge on May 24 when they encountered the UFO at around 10pm. Startled Persephone Adams described seeing a "large orange object hovering in the sky. It looked nothing like a helicopter, plane or even a hot air balloon, and was hovering quite steadily".

The East Herts and Broxbourne area has been a UFO hotspot in recent weeks with sightings of orange lights in Hertford and Cheshunt and a "teardrop shaped bright white" object also flying above Cheshunt. From Herald 24 website

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