Sunday, 12 July 2009

Derren Brown - ENIGMA

I went to see the demi-God that is Derren Brown perform his ‘ENIGMA’ show at the Adelph theatre last Thursday night. Having read one of his books and watched endless hours of him perform on you tube I got to see him perform in person and it surpassed all my expectations. The show was amazing with feats of magic, misdirection, suggestion and mental trickery. His cleaver dialogue and stage presence added to the performance and I really enjoyed myself. His simpler tricks involved him guessing a playing card, the number in tinfoil, while other larger stunts involved him attempting to put the entire audience into a catatonic state. The finale of the show left me dumbfounded to say the least and I spent the entire journey home trying to work out how he had done it. However, with my interest in parapsychology, my favourite part of the show was the Victorian spirit cabinet;- three ‘volunteers’ from the audience, who had fallen into a trance state, were placed into the spirit cabinet on stage and they performed several feats which replicated the early Victorian spiritualist séances like writing on concealed slates and throwing objects whilst tied up. I would recommend this show to anyone with any interest in hypnosis, magic, misdirection, parapsychology or those who just want a good old-fashioned night out.

The show really got me thinking about my course (MSc in Parapsychology at Coventry University) which I am starting in September this year. I am really excited about being accepted onto this course and I cannot wait for it to start. The course covers the History, Philosophy and Parapsychology, Anomalous Experiences, transpersonal psychology, survival of bodily death, extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. Doesn’t sound like my kind of thing at all!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

UfO Sighted Above East Herts Village

I never set out to be a blogger. I take time thinking about the things I want to write about and I mull ideas over waiting for an idea to seed. Once I’ve decided, I don’t like launching opinions without first applying a protective coating of footnotes and qualifiers. I also write very slowly…

Luckily though my mum put me onto this when I met her last week. Apparently a UFO was recently spotted over a local Hertfordshire village (tenuous link I know but this is where I will soon be working)

UfO Sighted Above East Herts Village

MYSTERIOUS lights have been seen above East Herts again, when an "orange object" was sighted above Standon.

A couple were driving from Standon towards Puckeridge on May 24 when they encountered the UFO at around 10pm. Startled Persephone Adams described seeing a "large orange object hovering in the sky. It looked nothing like a helicopter, plane or even a hot air balloon, and was hovering quite steadily".

The East Herts and Broxbourne area has been a UFO hotspot in recent weeks with sightings of orange lights in Hertford and Cheshunt and a "teardrop shaped bright white" object also flying above Cheshunt. From Herald 24 website