Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Welcome - Summers here....

I've been expecting you and I have big plans for us!

This blog will be a running account of my interest in parapsychology and unexplained phenomena but will also be a window to my soul and thoughts. This is my first attempt at ‘blogging’ so please be gentle.

Today seemed like a good day to start my new blog, summer seems to have finally arrived and with only three weeks left at school before my summer holiday ‘officially’ starts I want to pay homage to the things I am looking forward to. There will be; long lie-ins and late nights, BBQs that start in the early afternoon and continue way into the night when the bats are flying overhead. Day trips to the beach and a chance to catch up properly with family and friends. Days spent reading in my garden and afternoons spent watching old movies. Shopping trips where I choose and try on but don’t buy! Coffee Light Frappucinos (my guilty pleasure), freshly iced cupcakes and fresh fruit - ice cold from the fridge. Road trips and holidays; this year Scotland (Edinburgh – future blogs on Roselyn chapel and haunted Edinburgh plus Loch Ness) and Munich.

So thanks for showing up on time and ready to go. I’ll be back soon...

1 comment:

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